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To go past their ordeals, one must try to let go of their burden...

Go on an adventure in a poetic ascent where you help Kar let go of the stones which hinder them, by laying them on the cairns along the way to the top of the Mountain.

Open up your own path through vertiginous landscapes!
But beware, the Storm is lurking...


Dive in an emotional initiatory tale inspired by the world of mountaineering. You are Kar, a small being hindered by a stone shell that they must let go of.

Travel and open up your own path through vertiginous landscapes using a large set of tools, giving you a huge movement freedom.
Do you see a place you wanna reach ? Try and do it !

Face this chaotic and destructive being which seems to do everything to prevent you from reaching the top of the Mountain.

Discover a world made by a small collective of former Gobelins students, featuring an original soundtrack made in close cooperation with our composer.

About cairns:

Since the dawn of time, travelers build up cairns to mark their passage in the mountains. These piles of stones sometimes indicate places of remembrance. Some call them "men of stone"...

A Cairn Tale's final version is currently in development. 
You can find us on Twitter @a_cairn_tale for updates! 

A game by Pebbles: Mathieu GrondinFlorine QuachLouis LagacheRobinson LacotteRémy Bonté-DuvalGrégoire Melin

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Spoiler : j'ai aimé <3 

Merci beaucoup ! :)


For me one of the best indie projects in the last time ! Good work !

- very good ambience and moving mechanic
- good balance of gameplay mechanic (not too easy / not too hard)
- great narrator voice and music

my suggestions:
- english subtitles - i dont't speak french ;)
- quick reset to checkpoint

Thank you for your feedback ! Stay tuned for the english translation and for the upcoming updates.

my pleasure :) greets


Hey this looks cool but I'll hold out for an English translation. I've followed you guys so just post if it happens!


Hello @electricshrock and thanks a lot for your interest ! We are working on an english translation. We will post it as soon as possible ! Stay tuned !


Thanks a lot Dev for this Awesome game....Gameplay and Graphics are really nice. 5/5


Thank you for your message and your video @Gamers nation !