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Spoiler : j'ai aimé <3 

Merci beaucoup ! :)


For me one of the best indie projects in the last time ! Good work !

- very good ambience and moving mechanic
- good balance of gameplay mechanic (not too easy / not too hard)
- great narrator voice and music

my suggestions:
- english subtitles - i dont't speak french ;)
- quick reset to checkpoint

Thank you for your feedback ! Stay tuned for the english translation and for the upcoming updates.

my pleasure :) greets


Hey this looks cool but I'll hold out for an English translation. I've followed you guys so just post if it happens!


Hello @electricshrock and thanks a lot for your interest ! We are working on an english translation. We will post it as soon as possible ! Stay tuned !


Thanks a lot Dev for this Awesome game....Gameplay and Graphics are really nice. 5/5


Thank you for your message and your video @Gamers nation !